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For a wide selection of hammocks with spreader bar,cool hammocks,double hammocks,double hammocks,extra large hammocks,family hammocks,garden hammocks,hammacks,outdoor hammocks,travel hammocks uk,hammicks give you a fun way to rest,relax,and leisure whilst swinging gently making these products a great way for relaxation and also giving any space inside or outside an element of fun. They can be used as extra hammock beds for young or old alike and are ideal for camping as they are ultra light with the travel hammock being a very popular choice with campers and hikers as they are very easy to set up and makes much less impact on the environment than a tent.

Gigante Family Hammock 

Slik Traveller Travel Hammock

Starset Candy Hammock and Stand

Hanging Chairs

With such a wide choice of hanging chair hammocks,hanging chair outdoor,hanging chairs,hanging chairs for outside,hanging chairs outdoor,garden hanging chairs if you prefer to sit but would still like enjoyment and element of fun then the ideal solution is with a hanging chair they take up less room and are only suspended from a single point making them ideal if you only have a single tree giving you a comfortable place to relax on those lazy days, The hammock chair will give you a weightless feeling whilst swinging gently and are easy to set up making them an ideal way to relax if your space is limited they can be used inside or outside with or without a stand and will look good in any area.

Brasil Hammock Chair 

Swinger Hanging Chair

Hammock Hanging Chair

Hammock Accessories and Stands.

Hammock stands and hanging chair stands are the easiest way to hang up your hammocks and hanging chairs but you can use accessories such a rope and hooks, Hammock stands are usually made with wood or metal that have been weatherproofed with stands available in a range of wonderful designs which are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, also they bring an elegant look to any space, If you do not want or do not have the budget for a stand then there are cheaper ways to hang them with our accessories that are available you will find hooks and ropes that are more affordable than the stands.

Hammock stands 

hanging chair stands


Globo Furniture Range

Stylish hanging chair or stylish furniture try the globo range of chairs,stands and accessories, this range are made with handcrafted laminated wood for a truly elegant stylish hanging chair try the globo range the chairs in this range are made with handcrafted laminated wood which is then formed into a ball or globe shaped frame.These globo chairs are weatherproofed but they can also be used inside giving you a great place to relax, dream or just read your favorite book.

Globo stylish chairs

globo hanging chair stands

globo hanging chair accessories

All our range can be used indoors or outdoors but for durability it is recommended that you remove them when not in use unless they are weatherproofed making them ideal for any garden area as these are protected and can be left outside even in the rain.
They also make a beautiful and wonderful gift for any age bring an element of fun and with many people who have been suffering with back and joint pains often reporting some relief from these problems when they have been sleeping in a hammock.With hammocks, hanging chairs and hammock chairs all seen as symbols of summer, these products really make those lazy days, leisure, relaxation, sleeping and resting so much more fun and which ever item you get it will delight everyone of all ages.